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How to Create a Model Mountain using Plaster Bandages

We have just released a video which demonstrates how easy and fast it is to create a mountain for a model railroad using CraftCo Plaster Bandage available from Alderson Arts & Crafts. We also demonstrate how to create realistic rock faces using two different methods.


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New Acrylic Painting Starter Kit!

One of the most common questions we get from customers when they come into our store is “What do I need to get started in…..”. Well we’ve decided to address this customer need with fantastic and great valued starter kits to make it easy to get started in any craft. We have started with acrylic painting but watch this space for many more kits for other crafts and hobbies.

acrylic starter kit - image

Click here to check out our Acrylic Painting Starter Kit!

To ensure our kit meets the needs of our customers we have given the first of our kits to an accomplished artist to take away for the weekend on one of her painting sessions in Berrima south of Sydney. She was really helpful in providing us with footage for an unboxing video and confirmed the quality and usefulness of the kit components which has given us confidence to promote this product. Here is the final edited video below. Thanks Cheryl!


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Un-Boxing Mosaic Coaster Kit

We have decided to do quick review of this great kit which allows you to create 4 mosaic coasters. We have also demonstrated the creation of a coaster using all the components of the kit.




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Gold Leaf Tram Numbers

One of our staff members is an active member of the Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus and what better way to try out the new gold leaf Alderson Arts and Crafts have in stock than to use it to apply the finishing touches to a tram he was involved in the repainting of.

This video shows a technique of applying gold leaf using a stencil which was created using simple, low cost masking tape.

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Plasters and Gypsum Cements

Plasters and Gypsums of all types are used in making master models for mould making. What is the best material to use for your purpose? It all depends on what you ….

Click here to read more about Plaster and Gypsum Cements.


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Model Making Materials and Tools

Making an original model is a lot easier than most people believe and for creative people offers the opportunity to create copyright pieces of art.

Materials used to create models include plaster, wax, would, metal or clay to mention just a few. Clay in its many forms is probably the most popular due to the fact that it is easily manipulated by hand and with simple tools.

This article talks about the materials and tools you can use to sculpt and create your own models.

Click here to read the article on Model Making Materials and Tools.


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5 Simple Steps to Gold Leafing

We have just released two great products for those artisans out there.  Composition leaf simulates true gold leaf for a fraction of the cost and we have a fine Italian made variety in a pack of 25 sheets for $14.95 and a Chinese made book of 100 sheets for $39.95! These prices are exceptionally low!

Gold Leaf Gilding is an art form that dates back many hundreds of years. The term gold leafing used to describe the process where real gold in the form of 23K or 24K gold leaf was used.

These days very little actual gold leaf is used due to use of the relatively cheap alternative available, called schlagmetal or composition leaf to simulate the appearance of genuine gold leaf.

This metal leaf is composed of 85% copper and 15% zinc and comes in sheets interleaved with tissue paper measuring 140mm x 140mm in packets of 25 sheets.

Read our article on How to apply gold leaf in 5 simple steps

More information on our Gold Leafing Products



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Learn How to Make Candles Using Moulds

A great variety of candle moulds are available. In our new article we will talk about the main materials available for candle moulds such as Latex, metal, polycarbonate plastic, aluminium, polyurethane and silicone

Traditionally candle moulds have been made of two piece HIPS plastic moulds. They are made in two halves, one for the front of the mould and one for the back.

Read More about Candle Making with Moulds…



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G2 Bottle Cutter back in stock!

A fresh batch of stock has finally arrived from the US. The last lot sold out quickly at the low price of $39.95 that we are offering them so be quick not to miss out this time.

G2 Bottle Cutter ordering information



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Superior Bottle Cutter

Can’t wait for the arrival of our fresh stock of G2 Bottle cutters? Why wait?

We have plenty of Ephrem’s Bottle Cutters in stock right now. These are one of the best quality bottle cutters on the market. Sturdier and easier to use than plastic models, this highly durable metal bottle cutter will have you cutting bottles perfectly in 5 easy steps.

Kit comes with the classic Ephrem’s Bottle and Jar Cutter, an 18 page instructional booklet with over 22 project, a 4 page quick-start guide (click on “View User Manual” to preview online), candle, polishing paper and compound.

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