Garden Ornaments and Landscape

For many years these items have been the backbone of the concrete pre-casters profitability. Seen at all outdoor markets and fairs they have a wide appeal and are a source of considerable profits for small local area manufacturers. Large manufacturers have found it difficult to break into this market apart from a range of basic stock items due to the high cost of transport. Local home based suppliers have little or no competition and a well trafficked street or highway display can usually guarantee ready sales.


There is a considerable amount of copyright free material around for duplication usually using latex rubber for the mould and a fiberglass back-up mould to support the shape of the larger items when being cast into the mould. Smaller items do not need a back-up mould and we can supply instructions with the latex for the manufacture of this type of mould.

We have started the manufacture of a new range of moulds to give a more or less permanent mould unlike the latex which lasts usually only a year and has to be remade. These will be released as PolyU garden ornament moulds.

For those wishing to make their own moulds we have prepared two publications on this low entry cost, home based method of earning an extra income with the possibility it could develop it into a profitable full time business. The book“How to Make Latex Moulds” covers all the types of moulds you are likely to encounter and the methods of making them. The companion book “How to run a Concrete Garden Ornament Business” is being revised and will be available shortly.

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