The art of Mosaic as we know it today, involves adhering many small pieces of glass, marble, tiles, stones or other found objects onto a surface to create beautiful and decorative designs.

The making of mosaics has been used for centuries. One of the earliest examples has been discovered in Turkey dating back to the eighth century BC.


Over the past few years mosaics have exploded in popularity as can be seen by the number of books available in most bookshops. Most deal with what is called the direct method, where the design is worked face up. However with the advent of mosaic pavers and table tops it became essential to have mosaics finished to a smooth even level surface. This is impossible with the direct method due to the variety of heights of the tiles and so the indirect method utilising moulds has been developed.

The technique is rarely if ever mentioned in current publications but is one of the easiest of Mosaic methods for the production of safe walking stepping stones and similar projects


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