Amazing! Make Moulds in 10 Minutes with Mould Putty!

Image from Alumilite

Image from Alumilite

If you are a crafts person, who wants to make unique parts and products and then easily duplicate them, you really cannot ignore using moulds to help you to create. They allow you to take your craft to a completely new level and produce any quantity of amazing customised products,  that will stun your customers and friends. Once you have seen what silicone mould putty can be used for, you really will wonder how you ever managed without it.

With putty moulds, you are limited only by your own imagination.

What Are Putty Moulds?

If you are new to the world of crafts or homemade products at this point, you may be scratching your head saying what on earth is mould putty?  So, we are going to explain.

However, if you are an experienced crafter who just wants to know more about the best brands of mould putty making material, or as American’s spell “mold putty” click the link below, to be taken to the page for the best and most affordable general-purpose mould putty.

OK, so back to the question what is mould putty? Well it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a kind of putty that feels like the product glaziers used to use, but this soft pliable substance is used to make moulds.

What are Putty Moulds used for?

A putty mould is usually used to make a copy of an existing object. For example a soap or candle maker who wanted to make their products in the shape of a flower, can used a carved wooden flower as the base for their mould.

A cake decorator can duplicate existing cake decorations to complete a project, using special food grade silicone putty.

How are Putty Moulds Made?

The process is simple, at least with the product we recommend. With that product you get two containers of differently coloured silicone Mould putty Part A and Part B,  that are mixed together to yield the mould making material.

All you do is to take a piece from each container. The two pieces need to be of equal size, to set properly. You spend a minute mixing the two putties using your hands.

Once mixed you roll it into smooth ball or oval. Then all you do is to smooth the putty over the surface of the product you are trying to produce a mould of.

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While waiting for the mould to set you turn it upside down and press it gently onto the table. This creates a flat bottom on the mould. Later, when you come to pour liquid into the finished mould, it will sit flat on the table and you will get a good result.

After about 15 minutes, it sets. You then free the item from the silicone moulding putty. If you have done it right, you will have a perfect reverse copy of the item you wrapped in the moulding putty.

Who Can Use Silicone Putty Mould?

The great thing about this product is that it is extremely safe and easy to use. Practically anyone can learn to use this easy craft material and produce beautiful results.

Using Putty Mould with your Children

Provided you supervise them, your children can make some fantastic moulds.

There are no hot liquids to worry about, no nasty chemicals or noxious fumes. You can use this putty to help your children to see how easy it is to create beautiful unique gifts or products they can sell to raise money for their school or a cause they care about.

It is wise to get your children to wear gloves when working the putty. Most people have no adverse reaction to the product, but with children, it is best to be cautious and be super safe.

Naturally, you will have to pour the hot liquid to fill the moulds, but you can get them to release the set products and decorate them.

Putty Moulding for the Infirm and Elderly

Learning how to make moulds can be good rehabilitation. It is a task you can do whilst sitting. The gentle action of working the putty is therapeutic as well as providing excellent strengthening exercise for the hands. Mould making is a great pastime for anyone recovering from and operation who has ailing health.

Again a little help to pour the material the finished product will be made of is helpful, but not essential in all cases. Making a silicon mould is a task even someone who has practically no vision can master and enjoy.

Putty Moulds for Budding Cooks

If you use food grade silicone putty, you can have loads of fun in the kitchen. It is especially popular with cake makers, who can use the moulds for chocolate or fondant decorations. Because the finished moulds can withstand high temperatures they make great cake and dough moulds too.

Food grade silicone paste will save your hours of work and enable you to produce flawless results every time. It is great for making food for children’s parties, but many cooks use the mould to produce sophisticated centrepieces for parties.

Amazing Food Grade Silicone Moulding Putty

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To get good results you have to buy the best silicone mould putty. You need a product that is easy to mix and apply to the surface of the item you are replicating. Given the fact you are likely to use the mould repeatedly you want a mould that can withstand hot liquids being poured into it without showing signs of wear.


Our recommendation is Alumilite’s Amazing Mold Putty. It is a product with a proven track record for producing exceptional results regardless of how you plan to use the final mould. Click here to find out more about it.

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