Cake decorating made easy

Cake decordating

Cake decorating, like any artistic activity can be very time consuming. This raises the conflict of how much time can you devote to it, if you are doing cake decorating as a business and hope to make it profitable. Even as a hobby, time is a precious commodity.

Recent advances in silicone mould making has seen the development of food grade cake decorating moulds, that enable you to decorate a cake to a professional level, in a matter of minutes.

Food is in the public eye at the present minute, with chefs offering TV shows and magazines full of recipes and advice for the foodies. There has never been a better time for starting a cake decorating business.

The possibility of enjoying a hobby at home, like decorating cakes, while making money, is something that does not come around very often. All too often we are forced to associate “making money” with doing something we hate doing.

With the advent of silicone cake decorating moulds has come the fact, that it is now entirely possible to turn a hobby you like doing, into a profitable business right from your own kitchen.

Where do you begin?

Make a commitment by putting something on paper. A business plan of what you would like to create is very necessary, in that it will give you a clearer idea of what lies ahead.

You may be in full time employment, wanting a second income stream, by working part time perhaps on weekends.  Alternatively the reason you are considering starting a cake decorating business, could be to make some money, while staying at home with the kids, setting your own hours, be your own boss and of course save money and time by not having to commute.

It may all seem like a lot of fun, but you still must be businesslike and budget for initial expenses. To mass produce cakes for a potential growing list of customers you will need such items as, a heavy duty mixer, mixing bowls, food colouring, a large oven, spatulas, flavours and icing tips at a minimum.

The painful fact of business life is that, you have to spend money to make money.

Niche Marketing.

It makes no sense to go head to head, in competition with mass cake producers. Specialise in a particular niche of the cake decorating market. The large firms cannot offer the diversified service that you as a small and versatile entrepreneur could offer.

People like to feel special and if you should offer something unique and different, from the tired old designs on display, at your local supermarket or cake shop. By using the new silicone moulds cakes are becoming more creative all the time and the only real limit is your imagination.

Third dimensional moulds are  making increasingly dramatic cake decorating effects possible. Wrap around moulds produce 3D designs and figures that can be cut to combine with other designs. Cakes themselves are assuming 3D shapes with pillow ,animal  and cartoon cakes appearing  

New silicone food grade putty enables the cake decorator to design and make a mould in minutes, for special one off personalised effects.

How about a personalised cup cake for each individual guest or a special design incorporated in the main cake and reproduced on the  individual cup cakes. The ideas are endless.

People not only are looking for custom, creatively decorated cakes but are also prepared to pay for them. The Bridal Association of America recently wrote, that the average price being paid for wedding cakes, is now in excess of $500.00.

What are the benefits of being a professional cake decorator

As soon as you receive payment for your first decorated cake, you are entitled to call yourself a professional. If you already bake cakes, you have most of the equipment to start a business from your own kitchen.

Don’t wait any longer, it is the time to turn your ideas into actual practice and become a professional cake decorator. Cake decorating gives you the opportunity to not only work with your hands but experience many of your other 5 senses. from the beautiful smell of baking, the production of new  designs, the taste of icing  flavours, to the delicate art of piping. You have it all with cake decorating.

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