Faux or Synthetic Rocks

It is now possible to create handmade rock that is difficult if not impossible to detect from natural rock.

Handmade rock makes a wonderful addition to home and garden landscaping. Realistic waterfalls can be created emptying into decorative pool, bringing any backyard to life with the sound of running water.

With the rapidly diminishing reserves of natural bush rock, this makes a valuable addition to the services any do-it-yourselfer or landscape gardener can offer.


We are developing a range of rock moulds to get you started in this fascinating and artistic endeavour. Making the rocks in situ overcomes the problems of finding, transporting and placing natural rock. A costly, tiring and expensive process for the home gardener.

The major development in this year has been the realism that is now achievable by even the most inexperienced faux rock maker. Colouring oxides that are UV stable are being used with new techniques in their application to the raw concrete, to give these realistic effects.


Faux rocks can be used to cover unsightly taps or meters in the garden.

Artificial rock staircases, step treads and stepping stones, solid rocks and boulders in addition to new light weight techniques for simulated solid rock building. These artificial rocks can be made hollow and are easily transportable. They are suitable from both indoor and outdoor home and garden patios, terraces, atriums and sun rooms.

Many landscapers are now designing interior and exterior theme gardens, making valuable use of artificial rock that can be shaped to fit a particular garden area.


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