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An extra source of income has become a necessity for many people these days, to keep pace with the rising costs of home ownership, family responsibilities and so on.

While an extra job would be nice for many this is out of the question with children to look after or  the necessity of  inconvenient work hours.

With this in mind we have been exploring the possibilities of running a small business from home. This idea has always had great appeal for me particularly since the advent of the computer.

Personally I love my home and find it a great pleasure to be able to keep in touch with my business helpers on three continents  without leaving my home office.

Moulds have always had a great attraction for me, in that they allow the individual to develop and produce a wide range of professional products, that can compete with product produced on a national level, by large companies.

Thanks to the help of the internet “small is now big”. The small one man or woman enterprise can now compete successfully  in the open market place with the large international conglomerates.

Start with a mould making kit

Mould making covers a multitude of different activities from making name plates for antique cars, to cabochons for jewellery making. Every day we get queries for mould making and casting uses that we find extraordinary and exciting.

Industrially the injection moulding process is the way to go. It enables the production of plastic parts quickly and cheaply. You have a metal die made at a probable cost of some tens of thousands of dollars and your injection moulding machine produces door knobs, or something similar,  for minimal cost.

How can we compete with this efficient process? Frankly we cannot and should not. This is for the companies with deep pockets that can gamble on investing these large amounts of money to market a new item for which they discern a market opening.

Mould making as we know it however has many advantages for the entrepreneur or hobbyist. The new rubbers and resins that come available over recent years enable the low cost and easy production of prototypes and actual products that can enable the market testing and marketing of items that are the equal in every way to products produced by the industrial injection moulding process.

The silicone and polyurethane rubbers used to make the moulds and the epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins used in casting are all industrial products and the challenge has been to market them in a form that is user friendly.

Years ago we started getting enquiries on how to do this and how to do that and it became apparent that some form of instruction was necessary. The difficulty was that the enquiries came from all over Australia so classes were not the answer and so we began to develop “classes in a box” in other words kits.

Probably the most popular kit up to date has been the jewellery kit. People with an entrepreneurial spirit have been able to develop profitable internet businesses making and selling jewellery.

Remember this all started from the instruction material and practice rubber and resins they received inside these jewellery kits. In their case this proved to be a “business in a box”

New kits are being developed designed to cover the ever increasing range of uses for which new materials are becoming available. Numbered among these are plastisols for soft and hard fishing lures and polyurethanes for climbing holds for wall climbing.

We live in exciting times with new developments occurring at an ever increasing faster rate. The good news is it is opening up ways that we can all exploit our limited capital resources to compete in niche markets against the big companies.

Find a new niche, develop your product, open a web site and you are on your way. The one thing we cannot put in a kit to help you is “the get up and go” the “incentive” to make it all happen. Good luck to you, if you at least try.

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Stan Alderson

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