New Acrylic Painting Starter Kit!

One of the most common questions we get from customers when they come into our store is “What do I need to get started in…..”. Well we’ve decided to address this customer need with fantastic and great valued starter kits to make it easy to get started in any craft. We have started with acrylic painting but watch this space for many more kits for other crafts and hobbies.

acrylic starter kit - image

Click here to check out our Acrylic Painting Starter Kit!

To ensure our kit meets the needs of our customers we have given the first of our kits to an accomplished artist to take away for the weekend on one of her painting sessions in Berrima south of Sydney. She was really helpful in providing us with footage for an unboxing video and confirmed the quality and usefulness of the kit components which has given us confidence to promote this product. Here is the final edited video below. Thanks Cheryl!


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