How to Print Tee-Shirts and Mugs for a Second Income

Printing tee shirts with personalised designs has emerged as an excellent way to make a second income operating via the internet from a home location.

Businesses are available that will print your designs with quantities ranging from multiple units at a time to others that will print one off designs and still offer you a small margin of profit.

However the best way to extract maximum profit from each sale is still the do-it-yourself method.

This is still the preferred method of many clubs, small businesses, markets and fetes.

It represents a quick and easy return of investment. You can offer customers a wide range of different types by making use of the thousands of designs available on the internet, together with customers own photographic images.

Special Offer!

Due to the growth of our mould making business we are offering all dye sublimation sections of our business as a means of entering this new personalised industry at a very low cost.

As a starter package for this exciting way of making a second income operating from home, we are offering a top of the line, heat proof tee-shirt press, the Knight, together with a mug press, 1100 top seller sublimatable mugs complete with operating and marketing instructions for a complete personalised tee-shirt and mug printing business for a fraction of the new equipment price: $1250.

The mugs come in an assortment of some 800 white (the top seller) and an assortment of coloured and children’s mugs.


For further details ring Adam on 02 9533 9555 or on his mobile 0419631502 or contact him via email at



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