Liquid Diamonds Review – Todd Ramsay at Fox Fire Turning









11 July 2018

Dear Aldax Moulds Attn: Amanda Walsh


Liquid Diamonds is just like the name suggests, very thin and so clear it’s like a perfect diamond. The product is so thin that it’s like pouring water into the mould it easily fills any gaps and cracks in wood and allows for considerably more intricate designs in regards to pen making. The clarity of the resin is literally beyond belief personally I would and did not believe it without seeing it for myself. And the finished product is stunning, so good that I truly struggled to take a photograph as it was so reflective under standard photography equipment and lighting, due to the amazing shine and finish on the pen.

I personally find most resins hard to work with due to the smell I get immediate headaches both casting and turning. Liquid Diamonds is great there is no real smell at either stage (I actually thought I had done something wrong the first time I mixed it) so for me it is an absolute pleasure to work with. For me now Liquid Diamonds is an absolute must have for my casting needs. And Amanda and the team at Aldax Moulds are an absolute pleasure to work with. I stand behind everything I make, with Liquid Diamonds and Aldax Moulds I have nothing to be worried about.

Sincerely Signed Todd Ramsay Fox Fire Turning

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