Never Waste Resin!!

Save resin from your art work pours and never waste a drop. See how easy it is to create amazing effects with left over scraps of resin that has cured at the bottom of your mixing tubs. Never throw away valuable resin again!!

They are easy to cut up in to desired shapes before fully cured.

How to make an abstract resin design for a pendant or bowl

Lay a thin layer of clear resin in a suitable mould. This can be a silicone or polypropylene mould (A wide range available here) then position your pieces of cured cut outs.

Position your offcuts in a thin layer of clear resin in bottom of mould. Remember that the base of the mould will be the top of the coaster.

Let it cure then add backing colour.

Let it cure for 24 hours and fill mould with contrast colour which is the base of the coaster or pendant.

The finished coaster.

And my personal favourite, the finished pendant made with Alumilite green/ blues with a touch of white on a sold blue background.

Suitable embedding moulds can be found here.

Suitable Silicone Jewellery moulds can be found here. 

Suitable Plastic Jewellery moulds can be found here. 


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