New Concrete Indoor Garden Moulds

The flower garden has moved inside the house with the arrival of the new desktop
silicone moulds, designed for succulents, cactus and small decorative ornamentals.

The attractive low cost flower pots, made from concrete/ cement, when placed on a sunny window ledge indoors, deserve all the attention they receive. Easy to maintain, they provide a cheerful garden look that has brought them a lot of attention.

The concrete used in their manufacture, give the pots the earthy look, that relates well to their use. The added advantage of course, is the easy casting required to form the pots and the low cost of the materials used.

It is no use looking for the required effect with only one pot, hence the use of the silicone mould to produce the quantity required to give the garden look effect, with little or no extra costs involved.

Pot Decoration:

The pots can be coloured any desired colour, by either adding cement pigments to the concrete before casting, giving an integral colour throughout the pot or using an acrylic paint to produce individual surface designs.

An antique look can be simply achieved, by painting the entire surface with a black acrylic paint and then using a cloth to wipe off all surface paint. This leaves the black in the crevices for the aged look.

Casting Removal:

It should not be necessary, but if any difficulty is experienced in removing the casting from the mould, simply cut a seam through the outside of the mould with a sharp knife, enabling the mould to be spread open, to make the pot easier to remove.


Virtually no maintenance is required. If using cactus or succulents as the floral centrepiece, weekly watering is all that is required.

With the growing popularity of the eco-movement and the desire to be as close to nature as possible, these pots are proving to be a terrific hit worldwide. Multi storey buildings are no longer a reason for the absence of nature in the home.

For aging couples, with outdoor gardening activities severely restricted or non-existent, the joy of having an indoor garden is a source of constant joy. I speak personally about this!

Our moulds have a small stone like exterior and are available in 3 sizes.

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