Attention fishermen! Shatter Proof your Lures with Quick & Easy Alumi-UV Resin


You don’t have weighing scales or moulds and you are looking for an easier way to make your fishing lures scratch resistant. Using the new UV resin is the way forward.

Unlike most two part epoxy resins used for fishing lures Alumi-UV Resin is a single component resin.

It is semi-flexible, extremely durable, crystal clear resin that may be used for doming or coating. Once it has been cured, using a UV or black light, it produces a high gloss coating that may be used on paper, plastic, wood, metal, and much more.

As Alumi-UV Resin has a medium viscosity, it is ideal for covering items and applying an even coating to items that have a shape that is not symmetrical and even.

So if you are interested in fishing lures, watch the following video, and then click the order button below for this amazing product.  


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