5 Simple Steps to Gold Leafing

We have just released two great products for those artisans out there.  Composition leaf simulates true gold leaf for a fraction of the cost and we have a fine Italian made variety in a pack of 25 sheets for $14.95 and a Chinese made book of 100 sheets for $39.95! These prices are exceptionally low!

Gold Leaf Gilding is an art form that dates back many hundreds of years. The term gold leafing used to describe the process where real gold in the form of 23K or 24K gold leaf was used.

These days very little actual gold leaf is used due to use of the relatively cheap alternative available, called schlagmetal or composition leaf to simulate the appearance of genuine gold leaf.

This metal leaf is composed of 85% copper and 15% zinc and comes in sheets interleaved with tissue paper measuring 140mm x 140mm in packets of 25 sheets.

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