Question on Coin Moulds


I really need some help here folks, LOL

I made a mould of a coin it’s one sided.

I then tried my first go at melting the pewter on my BBQ. It melted fine. Quite easy. It was liquid and runny. As soon as I poured it into the mould it looked like this on demould.

HELP!!!!!!!! It was windy and I have a little ladle I am using. Iv’e tried 3 coins. I haven’t got any talcum or graphite powder. It also looks like my mould is showing pinholes bin a couple of places but overall it is good. It was windy and I was outside doing it at night. Can you help me please?


Hi, It is a lttle hard to see if the mould has reproduced the detail etc without air bubbles but assuming that is OK pre warm the mould by casting a few coins and discarding them. Then dust the mould with graphite powder and pour the pewter at as low a melting point as possible. Do not overheat. All the best Stan Alderson

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