Question on the Right Mix Used on Moulds


mouldsQuestionsDo you need a vibrating table to use this mould?

Do you have a sample of the mix that is used on this mould?

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In our mould instructions we recommend sand and cement mix for the smaller pavers. But the use of bags of ready mix sand and cement also gives good results. For larger pavers ready mix containing sand cement and aggregate is to be preferred for added strength. Pour the mix into the mould until 1/3 full and then bounce the mould against your bench to remove all the air bubbles. Continue this process until the mould is full.
Paver manufacturers use mechanical vibrators to achieve the same effect. The bouncing or wrapping action in addition to removing air bubbles, moves the larger pieces of gravel aggregate to the center of the mould. The finer parts of the mix such as the sand go down into the design of the mould. Properly vibrated moulds will show no sign of rough aggregate on the surface of the finished concrete paver, thus spoiling its appearance.

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