Starting a Decorative Concrete Business for a Second Income

Concrete decorative stonework is being used so skilfully nowadays, that it is possible that what you thought was real stonework in your neighbourhood, was in fact faux stone. Concrete is being used for DIY home projects that range from stepping stones or pavers to tiles, driveways and artificial rock for small landscaping projects.

Decorative concrete is also sometimes targeted for the enhancements of the interior of home together with floors, countertops, and even at times the occasional table, among others. Yet, ornamental concrete is additionally a standard and wonderful selection for outside installations, like outside room fixtures or driveways, stamped to make them seem like stone or brick.

Building a decorative stone business is not all that difficult. There is minimal investment, but mostly what you need is time and space to work on your inventory. The mould kits that we offer for business start-up are cost effective, and there are plenty of mould packages available to fit your needs.

Why are decorative Stone Businesses a good venture?

To begin with, casting and creating stone is an amazingly fun and rewarding hobby. It is not difficult to create faux stone using concrete and developing a business doing so can be achieved by both men and women. Another important aspect of these ventures, is that it only takes a few hours to learn how to mix and cast objects in moulds and then create your inventory.

A few years back nobody would have recognized DIY as do-it-yourself, and that is because today, everyone is doing it themselves. There is a lot of demand out there for decorative stone, and while that is great, it is not the best news in this industry.

Small Business Advantages: Freight Costs.

The most important aspect is that freight is expensive and being operated from home or from low cost rental premises, local decorative concrete businesses have a big cost advantage. The cost of manufacturing decorative stones locally is a fraction of the cost in having the products shipped in from capital cities.

This is an industry where a small business can compete more than favourably with the larger city based enterprises.

It does not take a great investment of time or money to begin to create the decorative pavers or garden ornaments, that initially will make up your business. This is also a case where you do not have to quit your day job.

Start Small and Grow

Many people are making a go of this, by merely working weekends. It is a good idea to develop a business plan, while you are waiting for your moulds and other essentials to arrive. This is also a good time to start to set up your work space. There are minimal equipment and supplies that are needed to get under way.

More advantages for the small decorative rock businessman!

The large manufacturers as a general rule have very limited and set inventories that they can sell profitably. Smaller operators are much more versatile, in that they can create customized products, change color schemes, and textures really quickly.

This adds value to your business and customers will line up to find something new for their projects. With today’s technology, faux stones look just like real rock, but cost a whole lot less.

What kinds of concrete items can you make and sell?

One of the most profitable and popular products to make, are small garden statuary, such as garden gnomes. This could be extended later, to include such lines as garden fountains. Another basic large selling item, that is easy to manufacture, is stepping stones or pavers. With experience, interior projects including tiles and veneers could be added.

There is very little that cannot be made, if you use your imagination and use the proper techniques. Add into this mix, the array of concrete dyes that are available and you can make customized pieces that match garden themes, outdoor living themes, and many other products that customers cannot get from the major manufacturers.

Decorative concrete options can completely transform concrete floors both indoors and outdoors, to create a dramatic impression by mimicking the look of natural materials like flagstone, brick, slate, tile or even marble and granite at a bare fraction of the original stone cost.

What Styles to Adopt

Before picking out any design ideas, take a walk around the neighbourhood and check out the local driveways. What colours, patterns, and materials are popular? Do they blend in well with the architecture and style of the homes, or do they distract? Are homes in the area conservative with traditional styling or is there more of a modern, unique flair to people’s tastes?

Once you get an idea of local trends, you can better choose decorative concrete that will not only reflect your preferences but will be in line with the property market. While you want your or your customer’s driveway and home to standout, you’ll want to do so in a tasteful manner in order to maximize value.

Samples of Faux Rock Created by a Master

What Jobs to Start With.

It is always safest and best to wait until you have reached a professional standard and gained experience, before undertaking jobs that involve the use of dangerous chemicals such as hydrochloric acid. This is used to obtain many beautiful colour effects.

However projects such as stamping, where a replica mould of a surface such as slate or brick is pressed into wet concrete are well within the abilities of the home handyman or woman. Beautiful natural effects are being achieved with stamping and it is possible to see cobblestone, flagstone and even the duplication of hardwood floors in homes near you, in any city of the world.

Decorative Effects Possible with Concrete

Concrete Driveways

Decorative concrete is one of most effective ways of making your home stand amongst its neighbours. By using the designs possible with the stamping techniques, you can individualize your driveway and give your home a completely new look.

Use of Sealers

Due the porous nature of concrete it is essential that your projects are sealed on completion and are resealed at regular intervals thereafter.

This is to prevent to build-up of surface grime due to presence of millions of tiny interstices present in concrete. Also it helps limit the damaging effects of the ultraviolet rays present in sunlight.

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