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What Can You Make with Polymer Clay?

Firstly, what is polymer clay? It is a mixture of finely ground polyvinylchloride, pigments, binder and a plasticizer. During the process of curing the plasticizer is “baked out” and what is left is the plastic and the colour pigments.

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Plasters and Gypsum Cements

Plasters and Gypsums of all types are used in making master models for mould making. What is the best material to use for your purpose? It all depends on what you …. Click here to read more about Plaster and Gypsum Cements.

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Model Making Materials and Tools

Making an original model is a lot easier than most people believe and for creative people offers the opportunity to create copyright pieces of art. Materials used to create models include plaster, wax, would, metal or clay to mention just … Continue reading

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