Wall Cladding

This is a segment of the decorative concrete industry that offers real possibilities for the person who likes to get in early. This is one of those ground floor opportunities that comes along all too rarely. Wall cladding and Imprinting has really taken off overseas and there is no reason to believe that the process will any less successful in Australia.

Any existing wall no matter the structure of the wall can be surfaced or clad with either precast stone available in many natural stone shapes or have a similar design imprinted or pressed into a cement mortar applied to the wall. We will be releasing designs for six different shaped stone effects.


These hand manufactured stones available in both stones and corner stones do not need footings being self supporting and can be applied to timber, brick or concrete walls with equal success. The process has been so simplified that it can be done by any do-it-yourselfer with success.

This stone can be treated so that it is as beautiful as natural stone and much more versatile. Stone wall cladding has created a demand overseas to beautify homes as well as commercial buildings.

When you examine this business opportunity you will discover the many advantages of being able to start in a small way from home and finish up owning your own business with all the financial rewards this can bring.


Among the many reasons for giving wall cladding serious consideration are the following:

* It requires a low initial investment to start.

* It has the potential for providing a lifetime of income potential

* The material costs are low, basically sand, cement and oxides, yielding a high profit margin
* There are no franchise or royalties to pay when dealing with our company.
* Full instruction in using these materials is provided with starter kits
* A comprehensive range of moulds will be provided giving you great variety of finished product
* The techniques used are simple to learn and very easy to continue operating.

Artificial stone wall cladding or wall veneer as it is also known is an environmentally friendly product. It is manufactured from cement, aggregate, quartz sand, lightweight additives, polymers and cured mineral oxide colours.

It can be used for interiors or exteriors. It costs less than natural stone and is cheaper and takes less time to install. It requires very little maintenance when compared to wood, plaster and similar materials. It can be used as an interior or exterior veneer for homes. Apartments, holiday homes, hotels, restaurants, wine cellars and residential and commercial projects.

Go into any Westfield shopping centre and see how many businesses have incorporated artificial stone veneer into sections of their display areas to wonderful effect.

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